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Rockvilla Realty & Dev Corp : Alegria Residences For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Aleica (Duplex) ₱ 2,504,000 FA: 60 sqm / LA: 112 sqm
Adella (Duplex) ₱ 2,984,000 FA: 80 sqm / LA: 112 sqm
Abria (Single) ₱ 3,538,000 FA: 90 sqm / LA: 112 sqm
Amira (Single) ₱ 4,360,000 FA: 100 sqm / LA: 186 sqm
Ayora (Single) ₱ 4,360,000 FA: 100 sqm / LA: 186 sqm
Adama (Single) ₱ 4,810,000 FA: 118 sqm / LA: 186 sqm
Adora (Single) ₱ 4,860,000 FA: 120 sqm / LA: 186 sqm

Alegria Residences is a brilliant residential establishment located in Bulacan. The property offers a number of townhouse types out of which the residents can pick the best one suiting their requirements. The townhouses are spaciously designed and concretely constructed with the best materials available. 

Alegria Residences is jam-packed with facilities and amenities which makes life an eased out affair for the occupants. The various amenities offered by Alegria Residences includes lush green parks, wide jogging paths, walking paths, a large playground, an outdoor gymnasium, 24x7 water supply and so much more. 

In today's times, safety is of prime importance to all. One looks for a safe and secure residence while wanting to invest in a property for establishing a home for his/her family.

A safe and secure environment is what Alegria Residences offers to its occupants. This incorporates posting of security professionals at the entrance and exit points and a concretely fenced perimeter. This is one of the major reasons as to why one must invest in Alegria Residences.

The location of Alegria Residences is another reason for you to invest in this brilliant property. There are various nearby located important establishments like schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, clinics, marketplaces, shopping malls, retail counters, event locations, commercial setups and many others. These essentials located close to the property makes it an ideal residential establishment to invest your hard earned savings in. Additionally, with such convincing features, facilities and various nearby essentials, Alegria Residences is estimated to deliver much-enhanced returns in the near future. Therefore, if an investment is what you're looking for then this is the ideal most pick.

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