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Alegria Residences is a beautifully crafted residential community that offers luxurious amenities and convenient facilities to ensure a comfortable stay of its occupants. The various offerings are designed keeping the convenience and comfort of all age groups in mind.

The property features an outdoor gymnasium for the convenience of the residents. No occupants even require heading out of their home in order to maintain a fit body. This leads to saving a lot of traveling time, especially in the morning hours. The gymnasium is well equipped with top-notch gym instruments and the maintenance of the place is firmly taken care of. 

A large playground for the kids is accommodated in Alegria Residences where the kids can play their favorite outdoor games with their siblings and friends. This provision allows the kids to remain active and energetic all throughout. The parents, on the other hand, can keep a close eye on their kids while they play in their residing community. Hence, Alegria Residences offers a safe and secure environment for the little ones of the property.

Alegria Residences features a linear, lush green park with a pedestrian lining. This park can be used by the residents to spend some quality time amidst a fresh environment. This place is an ideal offering for the elder members of the property. 

The property also features a walking and jogging path where the members of the residence can conveniently take morning and evening walks and jogs. This allows the residents to keep fit and healthy while still dwelling in their residing location. These walking and jogging paths are wide enough with a leveled built. 

The community is a well secured one. The perimeter of Alegria Residences is secured with a concrete fencing. There are professional security guards posted at the entrance and exit points of the property. These professional guards monitor all the various happenings of the property and ensure that a safe and sound ambiance is maintained all across the property. 

Alegria Residences offers various open spaces incorporate all throughout. These open spaces are covered with green grass which not just enhance the look but also helps in keeping the property pollution free. Plus, the view from the balconies of the various units is also enhanced by this provision. There is also a maintenance team available on the property who ensure that the quality of the various amenities is never dropped or interrupted.

  • Pedestrian Linear Park
  • Walking & Jogging Path
  • Outdoor Gym &Playground
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