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Alegria Residences is located at Loma de Gato, Marilao, Bulacan.

Alegria Residences is located Loma de Gato, Bulacan. The location of the property is an ideal one as it stands close to various essential landmarks and establishments. These closely situated establishments ease out the life of the residents of Alegria Residences.

There are a number of reputed schools, colleges, and universities located in the close neighborhood of Alegria Residences which allows the kids of the property to save a lot of traveling time. They can travel to their educational establishments within just a few minutes time. This saved time can be put to other productive use.

There are various hospitals, healthcare centers and clinics situated in close vicinity of Alegria Residences. This provision allows the residents of the property to meet any and every emergency situation that might arise within just a few minutes. 

Alegria Residences also has a lot of marketplaces, shopping malls, and retail counters located in the extreme close vicinity. This allows the residents to lead a convenient lifestyle. They can anytime head to these various marketplaces in order to fetch day-to-day essentials.

Alegria Residences is accessible by various public modes of transportation like buses, jeeps, tricycles and many more. This convenience if available 24x7 for the use of the residents allowing them to enjoy utmost eased out commutation.   

The location of Alegria Residences has a lot of commercial and residential setups present in the area. This makes the location an important one which is expected to give hiked returns in the near future. Hence, if you're looking for a wise investment then Alegria Residences is the ideal most choice for you.

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